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Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for administering the Town’s financial operations in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations. It maintains all accounts of the Town’s in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  Responsibilities within this department include accounting, accounts payable, cash management, utility billing and collections, investment of town funds, debt management and purchasing.


Vendors & Suppliers FAQ's

  1. Is the city exempt from state sales tax?
    1. No, the city is not tax exempt. The current tax rate is 7.00% and is charged at the point of delivery.
  2. Is the city exempt from federal excise tax?
    1. Yes, the city is exempt from federal excise tax.
  3. When can I expect to be paid?
    1. We are committed to paying all vendors in a timely manner. Our payment terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated. Checks are processed on a weekly basis and mailed on Mondays. If you have any questions regarding payment or receipt of invoices please call the Finance Department at 704-922-3176.
  4. What is a fiscal year?
    1. Like many governmental entities, the Town of Dallas operates on a fiscal year which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Utility Billing & Payments

Each month all Town of Dallas utility customers receive a bill which details their utility usage and the amount due to the Town; the bill also includes all applicable taxes. Bills are considered past due if not paid by 5pm of the due date on the bill and late fees are assessed accordingly.

You may pay your bill:
  1. By monthly Bank Draft- Contact the Utility Department at 704-922-3176
  2. By Mail
  3. In the Collection Department- 210 N. Holland St
  4. Online at
If payment is not received by 5pm on the day prior to the cutoff date listed on the bill, an additional charge will be applied and services will be disconnected.

We do not want a situation to arise that would disrupt a customer's utility service. It is always more favorable to contact a Town utility employee prior to disconnection rather than try to make arrangements after service is involuntarily interrupted. Payment extensions (no more than 2 in any 12 month period) may be granted no later than the day before disconnection day, which will save the customer from higher deposit amounts and additional fees.

Dates to Remember: 

1st of each month             Billing Date

15th of each month           Due Date

24th of each month           Last Day to Pay before Disconnection

25th of each month           Cut-off date for non-payment 

How Utility Rates Are Set
The Town's rates are set by its local governing body and are designed to be fair and nondiscriminatory. Setting rates locally offers rate regulation that is responsive to the customers of our system. The current rate schedule can be found here

New and potential business customers are encouraged to provide the town utility department with the load characteristics of their facility. The Town may require special conditions and contracts for electric service based upon necessary investment in special equipment.

About Your Meter
We read your meters each month to measure the amount of each service you use. Your meters will be read by Town utility employees according to the Town's schedule. Reading dates will vary slightly from month-to-month due to weekends, holidays, weather conditions and other factors. It is important that the meter reader have access to your meter to get an accurate reading. Should you suspect there is a problem with your meter, the Town will test the meter for a $10 fee. If the meter test shows the meter to be inaccurate, adjustments may be made. Please remember that tampering with a meter can be dangerous and is illegal per N.C.G.S 14-51(a)(2). Call us if you have a metering concern.   

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