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Line Clearing and Tree Maintenance
The provision of highly reliable, uninterrupted electric service to Town customers is the principal goal of the Dallas Municipal Electric Utility.One of the best ways for us to assure the highest levels of reliability and the avoidance of disrupted service is to maintain the inter-related elements of overhead lines, poles and transformers that make up the electric distribution system to the fullest extent possible. In large measure, this means keeping trees, limbs and brush in proximity to our lines and circuits properly pruned and trimmed back so that damage or outages do not occur as a result of downed limbs or unfettered tree or brush growth.

To provide proper ongoing line clearance and tree maintenance, the Dallas Municipal Electric Utility employs a dedicated and professional 3-man crew working throughout the year to strategically and methodically trim and prune the street trees, brush, and rights-of-way along and under each distribution line and circuit. Consisting of a certified "arborist"/supervisor and a line clearance technician/landscaper, this crew maintains overall street and public-lands tree health throughout the community while also supporting the delivery of reliable service and the promotion of employee safety through their efforts.     
If you have concerns about specific locations where it appears that tree or limb locations might be an imminently threatening lines, or where the structural health of roots, limbs or branches of public street trees might also be posing threats to lines or surrounding homes or structures, please call (704)922-9961. 

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