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Street Department
The Town of Dallas is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of over 22 miles of paved surface local streets and over 12 miles of sidewalk. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains several miles of those portions of NC274/NC279 (Trade Street); Old Dallas Highway (Gaston Street) Philadelphia Church Road (N. Oakland Street); NC155 (Dallas-High Shoals Highway) and Park Road that are contained within the jurisdictional limits of the Town of Dallas. The Town's annual street repair and maintenance budget has, in recent years, averaged $500,000 annually. Of that total, only about 25% comes from the State of North Carolina as a return on gas and use taxes in the form of "Powell Bill" disbursements. The remaining funds are raised through local taxes and fees.

Maintenance and repair efforts by the Town consist of the installation, repair and replacement of street signs, signals, striping and pavement markings; sweeping of streets and curbs, along with ditch and catch basin maintenance; the patching and repairs of pavement due to potholes, utility cuts, line breaks and general wear ans tear; the actual resurfacing and/or reconstruction of street sections; and the installation, repair and/or replacement of sidewalks.

The Town works to budget for and complete a yearly program of street resurfacing, whereby a pavement management survey system is produced and regularly udated establishing a prioritized list of street sections to be completed on a worst-to-best basis.

To report a problem (pothole, sign damaged or missing, signal out, broken curb, etc.) please call (704)922-9961.       

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