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Dallas Police Department
Structure and Mission
Under the direction of Police Chief Robert Walls, the full service Dallas Police Department handles all calls for service within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Town of Dallas in support of our 4678 residents, as well as the tens of thousands of regional motorists who pass through Dallas on a daily basis. Fiercely committed to providing and maintaining safety, security and a sense of well-being to our small, historic community, we pride ourselves on adhering to the tenets of "Community Policing". In fact, we were pursuing community policing before it became trendy or defined. It's all about partnering and listening; about taking the time to sort out and understand; to diffuse volatility when possible; and to seek common purpose- ultimately it's about protecting and serving.

The department consists of 18 total employees, of which 13 are sworn law enforcement officers. Of these, in addition to the chief, there is 1 Captain, 2 Sergeants, 1 Detective and 9 Patrol Officers. Last year, the department handled 18,700 total calls for service, of which 6600 were responses to actual or alleged criminal activity. Each of the 13 sworn law enforcement officers are assigned a patrol-equipped take-home police vehicle to ensure comprehensive, overlapping and prompt response times. Active patrols average 300 miles per day during the course of the year.        

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