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Sanitary Sewer
The Town recently received a 5 year extension to its Federal NPDES permit, allowing it to continue operating its Waste-Water (Sewer) Treatment Plant, which serves some 2120 residential and business customers operating non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average output of the plant is 350,000 gallons of treated sewage per day. The fully-treated effluent is ultimately returned to the South Fork River under the terms of the Federal Permit. The responsible "Operator-in-Charge" of the plant is Michael Stafford.
2021 Waste Water Treatment Plant Report

Sewer Collection System
Sanitary sewage is delivered to the plant via a comprehensive network of underground sewer pipes, manholes and lift stations and parts of this system, like that of the water-main network, date back a century. Also similar to the water-main network is the Town's commitment to renovate and replace those portions of the sewer collection system that are failing, under-capacity or no longer meet contemporary standards. To that end, this year the collection system will undergo a complete assessment and evaluation in order to determine what will be required as to replacements and upgrades. Once determined, the Town will move forward aggressively to pursue such improvements. The supervisor for both the Water Distribution System and Sewer Collection Divisions in James Robbins. The "operator-in-charge" of the Sewer Collection System is Roy Quinn.  

Annual Reports


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